Our Culinary Philosophy

It’s a fact that many guests today choose their hotel by the kitchen…………we take this part very seriously and what we prepare with love we serve with a smile with an absolute focus on DalmatianMediteranian specialities


Also, our background to the 60ies when our founder opened up one of the first Dalmatian/Croatian Restaurants in Sweden has left its traces. The results are unique -a twist of Authentic Dalmatia with a slight influence of Asia and a touch of Scandinavia.


The food is served in a warm and tasteful atmosphere on open air terraces, with candle and moonlight, live music and attentive and educated staff. In early spring or late fall when weather not allows the cosyinterior of solid olive and walnut tree and Dalmatian white stone creates a warm and authentic ambienceand again with anever-endingsea view.

We prepare our food with a lot of love and a passionate interest in the flavours of Croatian culinary heritage, we strive to use locally produced and even organic ingredients cooked the traditional way.


The Dalmatian Sea, Mountains and the rich Valleys all within meters and minutes away, far from industries and pollution allows us to a healthygastro synergy between the fruits of nature, and creativity of man.


Every day is special


“Wine Tasting” -7- Croatian premium wine + snack              Specialty of the day PEKA Veal & “A la Carte Menu “

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   Olive oil tour or Peka Lamb or Ala Carte Menu

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Speciality of the day: MonkFish Peka or Ala Carte Menu

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“6 course tasting menu” or small Ala carte

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6 course tasting menu” or small Ala carte

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6 course tasting menu” or small Ala carte

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Recharging batteries does for other mean without sport and activities and just being lazy. Let us be your „butler“ for that, let us shake your cocktails, heat up the Sauna and pamper your soul and body during your stay in our house.


Sunday Afternoon: Olive Oil Boat Tour

Monday: Olive Oil tour and dinner in neighbour village Brist

Tuesday: Herzegovina Culture, Food & Wine

Wednesday: Tasting menu

Thursday: Neretva Swim and Gastro Tour or Island Hvar Swim and Gastro Tour

Friday: Marco Polo’s famous Gastro&Wine Tour


Some days can change due to bad weather, our week program is usually defined on Sundays.


Lunch Menu: Served every day from 13:00-15:30 – Weekends 12:30-16:30

Ala Carte Dinner Menu: All days – 18:00-22:30

Slow Food Tasting Menu: Wed, Thur, Frid – 18:30 and 20:30 seating

Snack Lounge & Sunchair Menu: Every day – 11:30-17:00

Group Menus: On request – Confirmations, Weddings, Anneverseries

Peka Menu: Sunday (Lamb), Mon (Veal),  Tue (MonkFish)

Fish Night Menu: Lobster and Oysters – every day

Vine List


It is no wonder this is our favorite topic. Maybe because on the soil of today’s building, once upon a time, laid very good vineyards or that Marco Polo himself loved to taste different wines. It could also be because of the fact that Croatia has more than 120 authentic and unique grape sorts, some even parents to the most famous in the world. As Croatia is one of the oldest wine territories in Europe and the World with very diverse climate and vegetation zones we have much to show and share with you. In our wine tastings, food and wine pairing nights, but of course our trilling wine tours we always focus on authentic sorts, smaller wineries and a philosophy based on high quality and value for money. Our well educated staff will help you combine the best wine that our Restaurant Manager has chosen out from awarded or “hard to get or egocentric” wineries around our country. Here are only a few of all our wines you can learn about.

This posip comes from selected grapes posip the island of Korcula, Cara position. Bright is golden. With a freshness and a hint of wood aromas
of wild flowers and green apples slowly develop its complexity. Harmonious taste with long-lasting aromas of ripe peaches and herbs.n
Posip Korta Katarina in 2006 at Sabatini in 2007 won the title of champion of white wine.Korta Katarina is an innovative project from the desire
to create fine wine which is in Orebic on the peninsula founded Texan Lee Anderson. Name Korta, the local name for the large gardens
captain’s family who were the center of social events in Orebic of the time.

Quality: Quality wine
Vineyards: Korčulansko
Variety: posip
Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: 13.0%
Quantity: 0.75 L
Temp. Serving: 12 ° C
Gastro recommendation: With mussels, crabs, squid, racy cheeses, a recommendation is black risotto with cuttlefish.


Wine Type: Sweet dessert wine
Grape varieties: Bogdanuša, Maraština, PRC, Yellow Muscat
Alc .: 15.0 to 16.0%
Residual sugar:110-130g / l
Content: 0,50 lit.
Served chilled to a temperature of 10-12 ° C. This wine pairs wonderfully with desserts, especially dried figs and the traditional Dalmatian biscuits,
as well as blue cheeses. Small children also tend to like it very much, so it is best to keep it out of their reach.nprosecco Hectorovich. Relative of
the Italian Vin Santo and several other top quality Mediterranean sweet wines, Prosecco originates in the coastal part of Dalmatia and Istria, which are
also the only two regions where it is still made. Produced the traditional way, Prosecco Hektorovich is the product of carefully picked more mature
grapes with some dried grapes intermixed, grown on specially selected locations, which are then dried on straw for up to a month. The resulting wine is
irresistibly sweet, with the ripe aromas of raisins, dried fruit and jam …
Prosecco Hectorovich was named after Petar Hektorović, a great poet, hedonist and nobleman who came from the island of Hvar.


After their red wine blockbuster that was able to establish itself as one of the best blend produced by the introduced varieties,
basement Boškinac launched on the market equally ambitious white version. It is an aperture of Chardonnay, Sauvignon and
indigenous cultivars Gegić which is grown exclusively on the island of Pag and the wine strikes a local style. Extremely
expressive, interesting interplay on the palate crisp freshness of Sauvignon and Chardonnay leads Putra luxuries in spicy notes
of oak framed ending. Strong alcohols monitors high extract which this wine is becoming a serious competitor best manufacturers Posip.
Quality: quality wine
Vineyards: Pag
Variety: Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Gegić
Sweetness: dry
Alcohol: 14.3%
Quantity: 0.75 L
Temp. Serving: 10-12 ° C
Gastro recommendation: with fish, seafood salads and light meals with chicken white meat


This premium quality fascinating full bodied red wine displays dark cherry, blackberry and plum fruits, spicy perfume and
raisiny sweetness. Nuanced spice and oak are underpinned by a firm but ripe tannic structure. It is made from the Plavac Mali
grape (a cross between Zinfandel and the local sort Dobričić) and grown in the Dingač region of the Pelješac peninsula.
Dingač is the first appellation given for this grape. The producer,Mateo Vicelić, has dedicated himself to re-vitalising this stunning
limestone vineyard that has been in the family for three centuries, on the site that slopes from 1800 feet down to the coast. Already
recognized by several Masters of Wine and presented as a wine to look for in the newest edition of the Decanter, it is the only
Croatian wine offered in the exquisite selection of Britain’s oldest and finest wine and spirit merchant, Berry Bros. & Rudd.
Type of wine: Red
Quality: Premium quality wine
Vineyards: Dingač
Variety: Plavac Mali
Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: 15.0%
Quantity: 0.75 L
Temp. Serving: 19 ° C
Aging:Ready but will keep
Gastro recommendation: With red meats and hard cheeses, as well as spicy meals