After another long winter roller costing the Virus we can finally say that a light is seen in the end of the tunnel. Marco Polo Hotel will open up at the end of April while our Heritage Villa Nobile in Dubrovnik has stayed open the whole winter.

We are sure that people can’t wait to be back in the sun chair on our beach, ride our boat and enjoy our kitchen. Our powerful sun and the Adriatic Sea has been known for centuries in tourism for its healthy effects from its D vitamins, strong red wines, olive oils and pure clean saltwater and air.

If you are planning to stay in one of our hotels or restaurant, we want to reassure you that our staff are taking care of our guests, being consistent with our already high standards of hygiene and cleanliness, and implementing additional measures based on the guidelines given by EU and local health authorities. Gradac didn’t have a single Corona case last summer and our hotels where fully adapted. Even in the worst days this winter during the second wave the Croatian coastal areas have performed better with better numbers.

It’s still early to say exactly how the season will look like. Is it going to be like Corona was never there or a mix between last season and 2019….  What’s important for you should be that our hotels, our destinations and Croatia as a country was one of the most successful tourist countries last summer  in terms of safety atmosphere and number of tourists. Croatia is continuing during spring and winter 2021 as one of the most wanted tourist countries for the upcoming summer for many European countries.

Don’t forget we know so much more about the Virus today than we knew last year in the spring and summer, we even have a vaccine. We know that the virus almost disappeared last summer and what’s most important we know that tourism never died even in the most unsecure days last season. The urge of travelling will always stay as fundamental need for every person.

Having said so Croatia’s government and ministry of tourism is preparing a good plan for the upcoming season as our country rely on tourism with over 30% of its GDP. We will update news often, however everything you need to know updated on daily bases is under this link