Hotel Marco Polo will open in the end of April and Heritage Hotel Nobile is open the whole year round.

Season 2024 will offer our guest some news.

The biggest is for sure that we have become ADULTS ONLY since 2022 so its still a bit of a news. Nevertheless for the last 10 years the volume of kids in the Hotel has been quite low, however to ensure you the maximum peace and romantic atmosphere we have decided to go this path of becoming ADULTS ONLY (minimum 16y.)

Our Roberto Polo Excursion program will also be changed a bit as we have a new faster boat for season 2023 offering some new destinations and fun. In the hotel we will also have a Swedish training instructor specialized on MOVNAT a new trend in fitness and a special way of training.

Our well known Restaurant Nicolo Polo will for the this season follow the concept and offer a slight up scaled atmosphere with more style and ambience and only 6-8 tables at the dinner served from 1830-2230h.   We will offer fresh oysters directly from the sea every day besides our little alacarte menu and slow food tasting menu and fish menus on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and an authentic domestic menu on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays offering PEKA with our traditional wine tasting and food pairing on Sundays and Olive Oil tasting trip on Mondays. This way we will continue to make sure that you get the best and most authentic gastro experience in the neighborhood differentiating from the classic pasta, pizza mainstream offered.

Lunch will be served either as a snack menu on the sun chair on our different terraces or a nice lunch menu on our few tables hanging over the beach.

Breakfast will be served From 730-1030

As you can see our goal is to have less people the same time, less tables and more space for more time to serve you as kings.