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Spring in Dalmatia already start showing its real face in early March and last…

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Is our longest season and can i some years last for almost 6 months.

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This is like spring, the best time of year for groups and sightseeing traveling.

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Much sun, clean sea air was in those times the only cure for many kind…

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From North

Two airports – Zadar adn Split and a new highway A1

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From south

Dubrovnk airport and from Greece and Montenegro

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From East

Mostar, Sarajevo, Hungary, Slavonia  and Serbia

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Comming with ferry to SPlit port and then taking the A1 to Gradac

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8 international airports within 200 km

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FAQ Marco Polo & Tourist Concerns

Dear Guests, here are some of the most frequent questions we answer daily but also some typical tourist stereotypes about us or our destination. Of course could you think the answers are subjective, but we give you the story as it is. After all, it is of our highest interest not to have any misunderstandings or publicly give you any misleading or wrong information.

This is one of the most frequent questions especially from our Scandinavian travellers. Sea urges are a sign of very clean sea. On public beaches on the Makarska Riviera the sea bottom gets deep quickly and there is little chance of touching the bottom. The first 4-5m from the land has usually nice small round white pebbles and sand, the visibility is 100% and you can see for yourself.
The concentration of sea urges is higher on non-public beaches with big rocks or ex. if you are swimming from cliffs. Also in early spring after the winter storms sea urges can be found in shallower water but soon they move to deeper water again. After all, if you stand on one they are not poisoning and you don’t need to see a doctor like some tourist guides like to scare you with. Tweezers or a needle will do it, locals but some olive oil or greese and the tags come out themself after a day max.


Croatia has all kind of beaches – small pebbles, big pebble beaches, white sand beaches, brown sand beaches, concrete terraces, cliffs, resort beaches etc…. In the area of Makarska Riviera it’s mainly beaches with small pebbles, gravel and sand, also no boring sea grass. Many guests enjoy pebbles more because the water stays much clearer and you don’t get sand in everywhere in your room and stuffs. According to ADAC (German car club) who measure the water quality in all Europe Croatia’s sea and beaches counts to the top cleanest and also the visibility is sometimes up to 30m. Another advantage is also the safety; this part of the Mediterranean doesn’t have any jellyfish or other dangerous or poisoning fish in the sea. Public beaches are usually fenced off with ropes in the water so that speedboats and jet skis can’t harass swimmers. Also, no currents and very seldom big waves occur in the summer months. If you are want pure sand beaches the Neretva Delta is only 15km from Gradac, you also have small hidden lagoons on Hvar Island or the nice Sand beaches in the old Pirate town Omis some 70km from Gradac.

Even though we love children and our staff is very good with small children the concept of our hotel is more for mature couples or so called lonely nesters. In that sense we haven’t 100% become an „Adults Only Hotel“ but we have implemented a special carriage capacity for small children. This means that our reservation Policy will not allow a bigger number of children under 16years at the same time. This will insure you a confortable, romantic and peaceful vacation.

Some people say it’s hard to find our parking or that the streets are narrow? Well, Ladies and Gentleman, that is Dalmatia….. Picturesque, cosy Mediterranean streets with old stone houses making it hard to bend the corner….Honestly, except you don’t arrive in a big truck everyone will make it, but it’s not a six lane Disney entrance. It’s hard to have it all;  a hotel on the beach in the centre of a small Dalmatian town and a highway entrance to the parking.  In Split, Trogir, Hvar, Dubrovnik, Venice etc. you park your car far outside the old town and walk. In Gradac you can reach the hotel from 3 sides, anyhow in July and August from 19h-23h the traffic is closed on the main Riviera through Gradac. If you arrive for the first time follow the signs and temporarily park your car on the Riviera in front the beach and house, after the check in we park your car or show you our different park options. If you should arrive after 19h please call us, or park at the main square and walk 300m to our hotel. The hotel has 8 car parks directly by the hotel and another 8 on rented car parks 200-300m away. Most of our guests are flight guests so we practically always have vacancy for your car.

Generally speaking Croatia counts to some of the most safe tourist countries in the world. The crime rate is low especially in smaller towns like Gradac. Gradac is very safe for children; a warm family atmosphere doesn’t only exist in the hotel but also in the whole town. Attention should be paid to the beach road in front of the hotel and especially when children run out from small streets to the main beach Riviera. The Riviera is closed on the evenings but during the day a very small number of cars pass by which can be more dangerous for children because they don’t expect them. Also, the beaches around Makarska Riviera are shallow only for 3-5m from the shore. Therefore, children that can’t swim or doesn’t have appropriate swim gear should not be left unattended. Teenage parents can be satisfied because Gradac is not an unmoral party place. Hard to find drunk youngsters while clubs and discos which are blacklisted doesn’t exist.

Besides our adorable sea, Croatia and especially this part has a extremely beautiful and unique mountain landscape with incredible views. To prohibit mountain climbing would be madness. Instead here are some things good to know. First, in our hotel we have some good maps and even gps maps you can download. We also organize mountain hiking with our own staff or can drive you up and you walk back. If you want to be on your own let someone no your plans. Absolutely, take at least 1liter water with you, a Mobil phone and our number, (112) is for emergency in Croatia, and real shoes (no open sandals or slippers). Never leave the walking trails except you are a well-equipped and experienced climber. It is also good to leave very early (5-7h) in the morning, already after 10h the temperature in the sun can be unbearable (this goes for July and August. Never try to free climb cliffs or rocks. Dalmatian stone is karst stone and it’s very fragile and breaks easy, also Karst Mountains are full with big cave systems, holes, and steep canyons. Be aware of snakes, the most dangerous in Europe lives in southwest Balkans – Horned wipera. However it’s nothing you should be scare of if you keep to the trail, because she will disappear long before you see her.

Please let us know in advance because we are more than happy to bake you your gluten free bread or cook pasta without gluten. The same goes for Lactose. If you have any other allergies please let us know and our staff will always stay attentive. Of course that goes for vegetarians too, if you are staying more days we prepare whatever you demand tell us your wishes.

Well this is a typical „must have“ cliché in a Charter film. British and German fighting over some space…..Russians hiding the towels of the Sweds and so on…. If you travel in mid-august, travellers have to count with overcrowded beaches, busses, roads, streets, restaurants etc. not only in Croatia but in whole south Europe. Unfortunately, our beach is not private, and in Hot August days practically everyone wants to come as close as possible to the clear Adriatic Sea. May, June, September is the right choice for the beach in Gradac if you want real peace. People lie like Sardines in both Makarska, Dubrovnik, Hvar and Gradac……..that’s August….. But there are solutions for that.

We still offer sun chairs free of charge and if you want peace in august then here are some tips tricks; Rent a bike or scooter and find practically your own beach within the distance of 5-10minuts – the problem is just: many guests are too comfortable and want to stay within the cosy premises of our house. We have sun chairs on the rooftop and by the pool, which are still not even 50m from the sea but you lie private and undisturbed. Rent a boat or book a boat excursion and once again you will have the chance to come away to more quite places and untouched nature and lagoons.

After all, on the beach we have 30 sun beds and it’s well exaggerated to say that you have to go up in the night to book a sun bed. From our 50 guests it’s rare that all are staying at the beach the same day. Plus that we have another 20 on other places (rooftop, swimming pool).
The best time for swim in high season is definitely in the late afternoon from 16-19 or in the morning until 12h. From 12h-16h the UV insolation is too high and even dangerous and the beaches are too crowded.

We are very flexible when it comes to check-ins and out. We organize it the way that very often guest who has a late flight can use the rooms longer. If it’s not possible we organize shower possibilities and places to put your baggage.

Our Restaurant is one of the most popular and know in the Area. From June to September a reservation is good but not always necessary especially if you want to dine a little bit later around 21h or 22h. Thus, if you want a nice table by the beach, dine on special event days, arrive between 1930-2000h you have to reserve a table.
If you are a bigger group, family or celebrate something special then contact us and we can offer you a special group menu. For lunch no reservations are necessary. More about our special days and menus in the restaurant part.

Some of our TourOperators sell their rooms very early. Over some reservation channels our rooms can be sold already in February and March. If it happens that you book late and it seems like we are running out of rooms please contact us immediately at and we give you the best option for that period taking into consideration your transfer too. If there is really no rooms left we are more than happy to assist and give you private accommodation or a hotel near ours so that you still can enjoy a part of our offer such as the restaurant and excursions. Also if you want to combine two resorts ex a week here and a week on Hvar, Dubrovnik or Trogir contact us and we will offer you good partner hotels we highly can recommend.

It’s funny to see how the development of Internet and WIFI has gone from year to year between guests and today it looks like this; – even your grandma pulls up two smartphones like a cowboy his revolvers and shouts out…..what’s your Wi-Fi code. I would say: YOU ARE ON VACATION, but OK, Internet can be used for so much else than business. We have offered Wi-Fi for the last 10 years in our hotel and we try to follow the huge demand in comfort and speed which we make better every year. All rooms and public spaces have Internet – even on the beach and roof top terraces. Since 2019 – Marco Polo has Fiber speed and Internet works fine. Also, take into consideration that our WIFI is free of charge and used by many guests and can in periods be slow. For our and your safety we have many cookies installed in our system and some sites and services can be limited, but that’s the case in most Hotels. If you have any problems please come and see us at the reception. After all, there has been cases of irritated guests and by the end very often the problem can likewise be in the smartphone itself or the knowledge of the user how to use it……….

Yes, you can but there are some limits. We allow dogs up to 10kg, with good manners. Also, options for their owners when it comes to rooms are also more limited because we always put the dog and the dog owners in our dog room, a very nice junior suite with balcony. Also when you arrive you will sign a certain statement that we will check the room before your departure to make sure no damage is done. The whole statement will be sent to you before arrival.

But of course in Hotel Marco Polo’s a la carte restaurant Nicolo Polo. At least that’s the opinion you can read on the Internet; booking, tripadvisor, holidaychek, blogs and others. Gastronomy was what our company started from in the 60ies, and we put a lot of energy to keep high standards of food and service, always surprising our many returning guests with new, creative dishes and events. If you are the type of guest that still wants to be individual, smart and adventures, searching for the place no one knows about, with the perfect food, service, and 10 times cheaper prices at least give us a chance and don’t lose your money and time. Let us spoil your senses and tastes only a step from the sea. Our prices are under average for a high-class gourmet restaurant. Please do not compare our restaurant to the many seasonal tent pizzerias offering everything from A to Z on their menus. If you have given us your trust and you would like to try something different, first to prove our point but also to change atmosphere talk to us and we will recommend you something good.

Of course there are, but for your information we would like to stress the fact that our hotel also has a registered Agency department within the hotel. Our Hotel Reception or Concierge Service and Travel Agency stand at your service for information’s, bookings 24h per day all year. We believe we understand your needs and demands better than our competition because we have been serving guests from the whole world with high and unusual demands for over 20 years.

That’s not possible…… check our room types in the room section. For us the main rule is to give the guest what he expected and more. If you are booking over and Travel Agency or a friend or family member booked for you please make sure you know what you are booking. This is another typical tourist cliché from movies…… We call many of our rooms with a sea view – Reduced Sea View……. Not because you need a mirror to enjoy the sea view but because all guests have their own perceptions and definitions. We rather lower your expectations because we know many hoteliers have sold you the sea view with a mirror.

Once again please do not compare apples with pears. Our excursions are unique and no one perform them the same way we do. Our excursions are very private and individual with a max number of 15 guests not 100 and overcrowded boats. We take you to places others can’t come to because of technical or financial reasons. We use only domestic guides with spotless English, German or Swedish not Czech for English-speaking or German for French speaking. Neither young foreign students who learn about our contry in a week and then give you “their” story.
If we wouldn’t live up to your expectations you always have money back guarantee as well as if you would find the same for a better price. Our goal is to create a lifetime memory and to show you Croatia the authentic and right way.

Absolutely….. Thanks to the Bora wind that cools down the land during the night and always clear, cloud free nights, temperatures rare go over 20c. Such nights are perfect for sleeping with open windows. The sound of waves and the salt rich sea air, hundreds of kilometres from nearest industry guarantee a perfect sleeping quality.
This is a much healthier option than turning on an air-condition which quite frankly is necessary only in some nights during July and August. Very often guest catch an unnecessary cold with the overextended use of aircon.
Nights are free from mosquitos thanks to the vicinity of the sea and light night breeze.
Friday and Saturday nights in high season can be louder due to some nightlife, air-condition and closed windows solves that problem.

Read „Our Seasons“

Croatia has a renovated and good road infrastructure which guarantees pleasant and safe driving. Our highway is one of the newest and modern in Europe. Unfortunately, an old stereotype still lives about insane overtaking and mad driving. Those years are behind us and were connected to the war and post war years. Now days the Police stand on every corner with radar and fines are quite high. Still, pay attention in high season when the traffic gets extremely heavy or when the first rain after a longer period of draught falls which can make the roads along the coast very slippery. Car rentals offer brand new cars with full insurance all over Croatia.
Using the local busses is pleasant, and the majority of busses are air-conditioned and modern. Don’t freak out if a buss overtakes, it looks worse than it is, and many tourists are not used driving on winy coast roads. A buss will never drive over 80km/h and never over take on a full line.

We usually say that Gradac is the perfect place for recharging batteries and becoming one with the Mediterranean nature and culture. Disco Clubs and parties for younger generations are available in a very short period from Mid-July to the end of August. For mature generations and families Gradac has a good and intense summer festival program. In average, there are some public happenings every week, like life concerts, fisherman nights, sport manifestations and art exhibitions. Whether you are young or more mature and our almost 5 km of beach walk packed with cocktail bars, cafés, clubs, game rooms and restaurants would not be enough, we can always organize confortable and convenient transfers to Makarska which has a much more intense nightlife. Most of our guest who have been there always tells us they are happy they are in Gradac. Of course our destination Gradac can’t fit all tastes, but we consider the combination of all good services in the hotel and our position in the heart of Dalmatia, the great nature around as a perfect mix for a successful, active and fun holiday.

Yes, Gradac has all the basic Public facilities like Exchange office, Post office, Pharmacy, Dentist, Ambulance, ATM Cash Machine, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Pizzerias, Café Bars, etc.

You need your passport when traveling to Dubrovnik, because you pass a short part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most EUcountries can pass this border with a valid national ID card.

You can use Croatian kunas in parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina ex Mostar, Medjugorje, Neum, Kravice waterfalls. It’s easy to mix them up, Bosnian is called Konvertible Mark – KM and Croatias currency is called kuna – KN – 1KM is approximately 4KN – pay attention to that when you watch the price tag. B. and H. is cheaper from 10-40%, but the living standard is also lower.

Cevapcici, Pljeskavica, Muckalica, Sljivovica and many other “specialties” that can be found in Croatian restaurants are NOT Croatian specialties and its always better to try them in their origin homeland like Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Yes, Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnjak Languages are very very similar. Please do not mix that up with their very different historical, cultural, religious, political, ethical background. All 3 countries have been independent more times in the last 1200 years. Even different Kingdoms have existed in old medieval times.

The best time for swim in high season is definitely in the late afternoon from 16h-19h or in the morning until 12h. From 12h-16h the UV insolation is too high and the beaches are too crowded. In that time its best to take a nap in the room, or hide in the shade with a cold drink.