Our Story

Marco Polo was the name given to one of the World’s famous seafarers and adventurers of exceptional courage and personality. Those qualities helped him on every one of his voyages in gaining new experiences and bringing back new inventions, clothing fabrics, condiments and spices to his home land.

Marco Polo was born on the island of Korcula, neighbouring island not far away from our town. Therefore he stands as a true representative of Dalmatia’s history and tradition that is embodied in many parts of our hotel.

Founder of our hotel and father of our ”Marco Polo family”, Nikola Milišic (R.I.P.2005) himself was a great traveler and adventurer as well as the man with a VISION, that was able to recognize the enchantments of Dalmatia and put his heart and effort to build one of the first private owned family runned hotels after the independence of Croatia. With only 20 years, in the 1960ies, Nikola came to Sweden unhappy with the situation of his Homeland chasing a new dream. Anyhow, one dream that lasted forever was to one day come back to his fatherland which he did in the in the early 90ies during the war.

His VISION consisted of a great desire to always offer something new to his guests and to excite them by constantly introducing new interior decorations or delicious specialties both inspired by stories of Marco Polo as well as the local customs and surrounding nature. His VISION was not only to become bigger, but more beautiful, original, approachable, warmer and cosier and eminently unforgettable. As an artist he had an eye for details, many of his oil paintings can be found in the hotel.

The house was renovated to the Families Summer House by Stjepan Milisic (Pepo), Nikolas father, in the late 70ies when he came from Sarajevo, and was before that an old Dalmatian stone house from the beginning of the 19century surrounded with vineyards, called the Priest House. The old family house with a well-known restaurant was turned into a stylish hotel in the beginning of the 90ies that carries Dalmatia’s history and spirit leaving a lot of opportunities and ideas for the future. In the beginning of 2000 the hotel was taken over by Stjepan (Stipe) Milisic freshly out of Tourist University who added his youth and creativity to it. Since the time of 2004 much has happened and the hotel was expanded to its original size. Since 2005 and every year from that on many more investments where made which led to the awards for the best Boutique and Small Hotel in Croatia 2008 and 2009. 2012 and 2014 we got two international awards from Thomas Cook Tour Operator for performing among top 10 hotels for the Scandinavian Market between 800 hotels. In 2007 Tina (Stipes wife) joined the family and she has also been a huge contribution coming from the leading Dubrovnik tourist Industry, now leading the sales of the hotel.

Our MISION is to constantly add something new, exciting and original to Nikolas VISION by bringing new ideas in years to come in order to become even more recognizable and inevitable in the Croatian tourist industry.
So, after a long Story which was not mandatory to read, here are an explanation of our names. Restaurant Nicolo Polo comes from the Hotels Founder Nikola, who started his Hotel Story in the Restaurant Business. Stipes and Tinas sons name is also Nikola and he is already running around in the hotel. Our Fitness & Relax department Pepo Polo comes from Nikolas father Pepo who lived a long and active life, 95 years. And finally Roberto Polo comes from a long-lasting friendship with our very adventurous sailor Robert who has been taking guests on adventures for many years.