FInd our town parkings

The number of car parking’s around the city walls are limited. The price is 40 to 80 HRK (cca.10 EUR) per hour depending on season and position. The best place is the public parking house, some 300-400m from the old town. You cant miss it entering the old town just after the red lights.

If you are checking in and have a car please follow these steps.

  1. We have to know your coming with a car if you need a parking.
  2. Please let us know your check in time and call again 10-15min before arrival
  3. For convenient Check IN choose the PILE Parking (Old town parking) just 50m from our entrance. 10min are free of charge and its possible to leave your luggage drop one partner off and get the parking card and leave immediately. OR take it slow ,1h parking is 40-80kn and then park your 4
  4. Please check the map how to find the parking – its easy!                               a. Hilton Garage only 150m from us – 5min. No steps    180kn per day.           b. Public Parkhouse: 500m from us 14min. Steps  100kn per day.                 c. Free of charge parking 4.5km   You need a Taxi   FOC