Basic Good to Know Info

These are some good basic starting Info to know when you arrive.

You’re in the center of the world… not really but almost. Almost everything is happening outside our garden door. Busses, taxis, restaurants, bars, fast foods, excursions, guiding’s, beaches, churches, museum, walls, food stores, coffee shops, newspaper shops, excursion sellers, night live, ATMS, yes everything is literally just some 1-5 minutes away.

In the garden we have a small but cool chill-out menu to start your evening or end it or to just take your first drink while waiting for your friend or wife to unpack and get ready for your first Dubrovnik adventure.

You have a great INFO ABC book about everything you need to know for Dubrovnik in your room.

Our goal and mission as your host is to recommend and reserve you only the top partners who have proven them self throughout years of the best, continuous service and care for our guests. Give our reception the chance to offer you an idea of excursions, restaurants etc. We have something for every taste and hobby and guarantee you quality and value for money – Info from A like “Airport transfer” to Z like “zip line” adventure. What we least want is you to fall into a tourist trap as there are some also and most of you are here only for a few days.

Hungry….. if you just arrived and you want to have something fast but are inpatient to walk through lines of people and bookers only 10m from us is FORTECA bistro which offers the basic from domestic Cevaps, salads and burgers, ready almost immediately.  Some 30m from our gate is one of the town’s best lobster and fish restaurants POSAT with great service, ingredients and atmosphere. As they are our dear neighbours both of them will give discount when they hear you’re their new neighbour.

A longer list or preferred restaurants divided by type and theme can be found at the reception.

Groceryshop…. In case you forgot or miss something just turn right before FOrteca 10 stairs down and then right again 50m there you have two grocery shops Konzum and PEmo. Both are small but stocked to the edges.  It’s behind the bus station for local busses – well know you know that by the way…. Taxis are the same way.

Cool down in the Sea & Beaches… if you want to taste the clean Adriatic see immediately its only a few minuts away  The nearest place to swim is beach Šulić (Shulich) hard to explain how to find. Anyway this is the local place where traditionally the locals from this part of the town always went. Nowdays it has become a cool nest for tourists but locals are still the majority.. It has a nice bar, a mini basketballfield, few showers a stonepebble beach but great cliffs to jump from and scuba dive in. Location: on the right side or west side of the FORT Lovrijenac. Our Gate…Straight down the stairs and across the street and through the pirats nest and up some stairs again……and then turn left after 200m. Other cool and different beaches are in our Hotel Book or reception.


THE DUBROVNIK CARD….. is a 1, 3 or 7 day card which gives you a lot of benefits and discounts for museums. You save 50% and have 9 museums free of charge, free public transfer and many other  advantages.   Check it out on and save 10% if you order online.

Pharmacies…   Besides one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe which is only 300m from us you have a regular one on the end of STRADUN (the main street inside the walls).  This one is open 0-24 half the month and another in the harbour GRUŽ is open the other half of the month.

ATM – Cash Machines  The nearest one is just down by the main entrance of the walls. Many more on every corner of the town… The ones with the name Bank… like e.x PBZ, OTP, RBA Bank usually have less provision than Non Bank Mashines –  a little advice..

Local Busses Except nice panorama busses taking you for a town ride or small rickshaws offering you private panorama tours you can always take the local bus that cost you 15kn and take you everywhere in the town (pre-tickets can be bought for 12kn at the news shop). BUS NO 6 takes you to LAPAD BAY and Babin Kuk (good beaches, bordwalks, nature, trails etc) Bus NO 1a, 1b, 3,  partly 6 takes you to the new Harbour Gruž (Excursion boats, Fishmarket)..

Museums and Maps…  You will always get a good city map when checking in. On that map you will find the most important Museums like the City Walls, the Rectors Palace, the new Aquarius, the Old Pharmacy, the Seafarer museum etc.

SOME quick FAQ yes you can drink the tap water, no masks are needed outside